Agriturismo La Pietra Nera

Agriturismo La Pietra Nera

By Hbareta On May 11th In Restaurants

La Pietra Nera is a real Agriturismo. In Italy frequently the names of the restaurants do not reflect the original category. So in some farmhouses you read in the menù foods like “Salmon”, “Lobster”, “Caviale”: unacceptable!!! This is not the case for La Pietra Nera (the Black Stone), a true Agriturismo, that cooks only what the farm produces. No exceptions to the rule!

So you will only find what was harvested or slaughtered that week. A wonderful family will serve you delicious dishes. You will only have three wines to order: a red, a white and a sparkling wine of their production. That’s it!

The guest becomes part of the family and shares what the family suggest to eat. In the simplicity, you will discover authentic flavors that will surprise you!

The name “black stone” comes from the “volcanic” origin of the valley. In that area stones are black and the land is rich of minerals. This area gives to the wines a specific appellation: VOLCANIC WINES!

My experience…

My experience is of a Sunday lunch made with my family. Their welcome immediately impressed us. Basing on what we ordered, we took the red wine, and we decided to drink it in the simple low glasses. In our local dialect this low glasses are called “GOTI”.


Goto = Glass of Wine. Dialect word

Goto = Glass of Wine. Dialect word

As entrance dish was served a mix of salami and chees of their production. Really excellent and with some “experimentation” of the owner as a salame made of beef cow and not porc. AMAZING!!! I was impressed in particular by the fried acacia blossoms (the first time I was tasting them!) And a fresh ricotta with flowers … .. a real delight!!!


Agriturismo La Pietra Nera

Agriturismo La Pietra Nera


As fist plate my choice was on a tomato and ricotta pasta. The pasta was made with Stinging Nettle. Even this is a real novelty for me! For second plate some took mixed grill and other roasted lamb. As vegetables baked potatoes (fantastic!!), and field herbs. To end in sweetness a ricotta cake.

I strongly recommend going to La Pietra Nera. They also have an outlet where the sell most of the products you find on the table.


La Pietra Nera Tested for you!


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