After years and years of suggestions given to customers on what to visit when you arrive at the hotel, we wanted to bring back some of the most appreciated destinations.

“Travel Notes” because they are trips of one day, suggested to our customers. They should be taken as starting points for living a territory through places, traditions, culture and flavors.

Famous in hotel are the papers that I prepare to suggest that travel ideas and I could verify the satisfaction of guests. Much better than any or brochure, there is no better map than those I prepare and recommend to customers!



The first itinerary is the city of Mantova.

Journey time: 1h 24’ to go and 1h 09’ return.

Path: No Highway

Distance: 66.90 km to go and 60.03 km in the return leg.

Starting from Hotel Bareta you drive on the “tangenziale” to Villafranca. You can visit the NICOLIS MUSEUM with hundred of vintage cars and motorcycles and much more. In case of raining days it is an ideal destination. Famous is also the Castle of Villafranca and do not miss the opportunity to stop at the historic CAFFE ‘FANTONI and to taste the famous cakes “Sfogliatine di Villafranca”!

From Villafranca you take a road that leads easily to Valeggio, voted one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A fantastic landscape on the river Mincio with characteristic watermills of Borghetto.  You cannot avoid eating in a local trattoria the famous Tortellini, filled pasta known all over the world, with a glass of Custoza. We recommend the restaurants ALLA BORSA or LEPRE like the two most famous and historic.

After eating you drive back to Villafranca and take the road to Mantova. It is the old road between Verona and Mantova very beautiful and during summer you can find farmers selling watermelons and melons.

Mantova is the city of the Gonzaga family which ruled the city since 1300 and all neighboring countries. One of the most important lords of Italy. Palazzo Te and Palazzo Ducale are the must in a visit.

For the RETURN to the hotel, we propose to drive back through CASTEL D’ARIO, birthplace of Tazio Nuvolari, unforgettable champion of the automotive past. There is also a MUSEUM dedicated to him. The maximum would be stay there for a dinner. We suggest Trattoria AL COMMERCIO or ALLA STAZIONE the most famous ones and taste a rice “with Pesin”. Or if you prefer you can drive on till ISOLA DELLA SCALA and eat the famous “Risotto all’Isolana” totally different from the first. From Isola della Scala follow for Verona and take the Tangenziale to the Hotel Bareta, where a relaxing herbal tea and a comfortable bed will wait for you!