Bassano del Grappa and Marostica

Bassano del Grappa and Marostica


Among the destinations that normally we suggest to our customers, the medieval towns of Bassano del Grappa and Marostica are the first places to visit. You can visit both cities in one visit because close to each other, as well as unique is the story that binds them in the story.

The name Bassano should be derived from the Roman family “Bassius” or “Bassianus”, owner of the estate. Bassano was opposed to Angarano, on the right bank of the river, and probably dates back to around in 1000 the building of a bridge replaced in 1569, the famous bridge disegned by Palladio, symbol of the city today.

In medieval times the territory had possession of the bishops of Vicenza, who sold it to the Ezzelini, and the agglomeration became a fortified city. In 1404, as for most of the cities of the Veneto the cities of Bassano and Marostica went under the influence of the “Republic of Venice”.

During the First World War was the main logistics center after the defeat of Caporetto and castling on the Grappa mountain inextricably linked to the geographic and historic city.

The most famous monument of Bassano is the Ponte Vecchio, designed by Palladio and rebuilt several times, the last time after the Second World War. Around it famous taverns and grapperie and a small museum of Alpine.

The nearby town of Marostica is another place to visit. Other beautiful medieval village, the town is famous for the game of human chess organized every year in September.


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