Bottega dello Speziale: Products of Excellence

Bottega dello Speziale: Products of Excellence

It is not easy to write in few words what “Bottega dello Speziale” is.  Bottega dello Speziale means high quality food products.

It is a sustainable working philosophy, a 360°social project. It is the promotion and remuneration of agriculture of our territory. And all this is contained in a jar of jam!

In our ideal trip in order to discover this concept, we start from the final product: What you can find at the Bottega of Speziale?

The line of products of the Bottega Speziale is wide but all linked by the same philosophy of work. The products are:

Jams and marmalades



Wine Jellies

Herbal teas

Salts and Oils EVO flavored for condiments

Bitters and liqueurs


All this products were born from the meeting of botanical enthusiasts, herbalists of Baldo Mountain and innovative chefs who wanted to put together original, authentic, and simple flavors.


So every product of “Bottega dello Speziale” is a guarantee of naturalness as the raw materials used. Raw materials which come directly from Monte Baldo or by the Veronese territory, cultivated respecting the environment. Strictly organic. Besides, farmers are paid fairly.

These are excellence products because they match together mountain tradition, seasonal ingredients, and scientific innovation.

These products are fair because they combine a business project to the social; engaging kids with different fragility in a trade,

teaching them an occupation that allows them to find their own identity.


From today the products are available in our hotel.



Bottega dello Speziale