Cultura e Storia


Bolca Fossil Museum

Bolca Fossil Museum Among the many reasons to visit our territory and among the many attractions offered the Bolca Fossil Museum is perhaps the one that […]

Nicolis Museum

  Villafranca in Verona is home to one of the world’s most important and not only classic car and motorcycle museums. Those who expect a museum […]

The Charcoal in Giazza

In Giazza is still alive an ancient tradition: the charcoal production.  In the past the production of coal was a real job and the product obtained; […]

Garden Park Sigurtà

The Garden Park Sigurtà is a private natural park dates back to 1407, located in Valeggio. With an area of 60 hectares in the interior you […]

Endangered farm animal breeds: La Grisa

Love for a territory means also COURAGE. Courage to not forget, to bring forward his own idea, a wish. Means SAY NO to chemicals, fast farms […]

Association Pecora Brogna della Lessinia

Put together passion for animals, choice of outdoor life, COURAGE and add a pinch of MADNESS and you’re done! This is the recipe to describe an […]