Frantoio Bonamini

Frantoio Bonamini


The hills of the province of Verona are famous worldwide for being the original area of ​​prestigious wines. At their highest points these hills are suitable for olive cultivation. In the heart of the Illasi Valley is the outstanding Frantoio Bonamini. Each step of the transformation is controlled to obtain quality extra virgin olive oil. All these processes are carried out by hand thus ensuring the integrity of the fruit until the arrival to the mill where the technological system and cold extraction turns it into excellent extra virgin olive oil.

The Illasi Valley is the home of Grignano, the true indigenous oil used to produce the extra virgin olive Veneto Valpolicella DOP, a clean fruity oil excites with a wealth of beneficial antioxidants.

Recently, the company has founded the Oil Museum, an area dedicated to the knowledge of the world of oil through an emotional journey that will immerse the visitor in a unique experience, from the collection on the field until the final tasting.


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