The cheese of Lessinia

The cheese of Lessinia

The production of cheese and especially the king of cheeses: the Monte Veronese is probably one of the culinary excellence of Verona and especially of our mountain LESSINIA.

Monte Veronese D’Allevo DOP

Made exclusively using milk from cows that have been feeding on

the lush pastures of the mountainous Lessinia region. This cheese is special enough to be entered into the Slow Food Presidio, which has a focus on preserving traditional food made from around the world. Its flavour is fragrant with a creamy and a honey-coloured crumbly texture. After aging, its taste becomes fuller, sharper and more piquant. This cheese has notes of tropical fruit, hay and a subtle sweetness that is nutty and fruity.

This cheese is part of the Slow Food Foundation Selection for Biodiversity



Everything starts from the raw material: The “good” milk. Especially milk of pasture guarantees undoubtedly a very high quality and richness of nutrients beneficial to health.




But the raw material is not enough. Then you have to work  the milk at the best, combining the passion and love for the work, with the technique and skills of the cheese maker. It’s like for the wine. It is not only enough that you choose the product. But also the producer! Same is also for the cheese as for the wine.

As in wine you should always ask to yourself this question:

Valpolicella ok, but who is the wine maker?

Monte Veronese ok, but who is the cheese maker?




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