The Charcoal in Giazza

The Charcoal in Giazza

In Giazza is still alive an ancient tradition: the charcoal production.  In the past the production of coal was a real job and the product obtained;

the charcoal, was used and marketed.



That of coal was a technique widely used in most of the Alpine region to transform the wood into charcoal. Although this technique has undergone little change over the centuries, the coal has always maintained a form of conical mound, formed by a central fireplace and other passages of the side vent, used in order to regulate the draft air. The process of producing coal sees imperfect combustion of the wood, which takes place in conditions of poor oxygenation.

The construction of the charcoal is very important and require many experience and skill!

Today the coal is no longer a necessity because there is no more use of coal as it once was. But the desire not to forget their origins and to hand down the years this ancient technique are the motivations that bring Nello Boschi and his son Giorgio to revive this tradition every year.



Every year, for nearly 30 years, this ritual is repeated, and even for those who can not attend the event live in Giazza, you can always watch it on the internet through a webcam which show live all stages from preparation, to finally, the extraction of the product. Here is the link.


The product obtained is used in the restaurant for cooking on the fire. And I assure you that everything takes on a different flavor!

…..You have to try the grilled brook trout!


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