Nicolis Museum

Nicolis Museum

Credit Museo Nicolis


Villafranca in Verona is home to one of the world’s most important and not only classic car and motorcycle museums. Those who expect a museum with little substance are disproved at the first impact! It is a museum extraordinarily rich in historical pieces of absolute importance, to be enjoyed in every corner. Born in 2000 at the behest of the Verona-based entrepreneur Luciano Nicolis, an industrialist from Verona, the private museum is now run by his daughter Silvia who with the same enthusiasm and passion has made it today one of the most successful museums in the world. It is not a traditional museum is, rather, a spectacular and very modern container of culture and ideas. The “numbers” are important: about 200 classic cars, 120 bicycles, 105 motorcycles, 500 cameras, 120 musical instruments, 100 typewriters, small aircraft, a rare collection of about 100 Formula 1 flyers and hundreds of works of human ingenuity are exhibited according to historical and stylistic paths. You will be welcomed on the visit by a friendly and prepared staff. The museum also lends itself as a venue to host events and conventions for sure effect.


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