Ticket point Parco Giardino Sigurtà!

Ticket point Parco Giardino Sigurtà!

Starting from this season 2017 we are official dealers of the Park Sigurtà tickets, the most beautiful park in Italy and the second most beautiful park in Europe. It is definitely one of the places not to be missed if you decide to stay at Verona or nearby! Today it is even more easy because you can buy directly from us, the tickets entrance!

Visiting the Parco Sigurtà is ideal for families and for those who wants to spend a day in a unique garden, with incredible blooms and rare plants.


Tickets available at the hotel are of 3 types:

Entrance ticket Adult                                                      € 9,00 against € 12,50 (-€ 3,50 off)

Entrance ticket Boy (boys 5-14 years)             € 5,00 against € 6,50 (-€ 1,50 off)

Children (0-4 years) FREE

Interesting is the “SPECIAL PINK” formula that includes 2 adult tickets + 2 hours of golf carts (valid from Monday to Saturday) at € 40.00 compared with € 61.50 ( – 21,00 off)


Speciale Prevendita Biglietti e Pacchetti Individuali

Speciale Prevendita Biglietti e Pacchetti Individuali


Being Authorized Dealer means that EVERYBODY, EVEN OUTDOORS CAN BUY A TICKET from us !!

They will allow you to skip the row at the entrance, by accessing directly to the park. You will not find more competitive prices of these!

Please refer to the article on our website for more information and links to the site


Each word to describe the park is always less than the beauty that you will experience live!