Thermal Baths of Giunone

Thermal Baths of Giunone

In the town of Caldiero, in the east of Verona, you will find an important thermal spa.


The legend speaks of the notoriety of the thermal waters of Caldiero, known since Roman times. The “Waters of Beauty”, as named by the Romans, were used for therapeutic purposes. From 1400 onwards, when the statue of the city of Verona began to protect the baths, a flourishing period began. People flocked from neighbouring regions and even famous people such as Federico Gonzaga, came to enjoy the fountains. After 1500 they began to discover the therapeutic properties against illnesses. The waters have an anti-inflammatory emollient epidermis with beneficial effects on allergies and dermatitis.


The spa is set in a natural setting of rare beauty, a large park with trees including horse chestnuts, fragrant elms and weeping willows. The baths of Giunone are presented as a pleasant combination of old structures (baths, Cavalla and Bretella are replenished with thermal waters via numerous pools of water that emerge naturally from their seabed), and modern facilities for bathing and leisure.


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