Three proposals in Lessinia: Sphinxes valley, Veja’s bridge, Molina’s waterfalls

Three proposals in Lessinia: Sphinxes valley, Veja’s bridge, Molina’s waterfalls

We want to suggest you here three tips to spend a day outdoors in Lessinia, walking between forests and breathtaking landscapes.




The first is a short walk to the little valley called Valley of the Sphinxes, which extends a sort of ‘Rock City’. The Valley of the Sphinxes about 800 meters long, has a number of large limestone monoliths. Nature has shaped these strange rocks isolated in the meadow Glen powerful images and fascinating glimpses. It ‘easy to see the faces and expressions in the rocks, food for magic, fairy tales and legends. Admire monoliths places in the south of the country near a puddle, and some formations characteristics to “Bow of the ship.”


More than words we invite you to watch the video shown here:








The second proposal is a visit to the bridge of Veja, in the Natural Park of Lessinia, in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo. It is the most important geological monument in Lessinia and also archaeological site of extraordinary charm.

Composed entirely of rock, Veja Bridge was once the cornerstone of a cave, today remains a single arch bridge, 52 m long 10 m thick. A natural spectacle that is also enriched with some springs that flow nearby.



Here a video speaks more than any words as well.








Always in the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia it is Molina. The special feature of this area is the abundance of water, thanks to the existence of perennial springs. The park is famous for its sparkling waterfalls placed in the unique setting of striking beauty.