A typical Recipe of Colognola ai Colli: I Rufioi

A typical Recipe of Colognola ai Colli: I Rufioi

Among the culinary excellence of the East Verona a typical cake of the nearby village of Colognola ai Colli are the “rufioi”. The history of these typical cakes of Carnival is very old and begins between the late 800 and early ‘900. The recipe comes from the poor rural world. And just because of poverty the “rufioi” ware “salty” product with ingredients of waste. Later when the economic conditions of the people were better, he turned into a sweet cake with expensive and rich ingredients. Towards the ’50s became the cakes for the feast of Saint Anthony but have also become the carnival sweets.

Ingredients for the dough:

3 eggs, 700 gr. flour, 500 gr., sugar, salt, orange juice, vanilla, oil for frying, powdered sugar.

For the filling:

700 gr. of biscuits, 200 gr. macaroons, 300 gr. among pine nuts, candied citrus peel and almonds, 100 gr. unsweetened cocoa, 1 glass of liquor.


place the flour around and in the center together all the ingredients listed. Mix and roll out the dough very thin. Crumble the macaroons and cookies, keeping both separate because they have to be first soaked with a little of water and blended until a soft dough. Join the crumbled amaretti, cocoa, sugar, pine, cedar and almonds, all cut into small pieces, then the liquor. Make pasta squares of about 5.8 cm, put in the center a bit of stuffing and close to the triangle pressing well on the flaps. Fry the dough in hot oil, drain and dry. Dust with icing sugar and serve. They are excellent both hot and cold.